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Who are we?

BUSSE Experience Design is the UI / UX design department of BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH, based in Elchingen near Ulm. BUSSE Design+Engineering is one of the largest and most renowned European offices for product design and product development. For 60 years we have been creating successful products, target group-oriented product design and use-optimised interface design. In addition, we develop sophisticated designs right up to prototypes and the tool-compatible 3D data set. This is how we create trend-setting innovations and brand-defining product strategies.
EP cEP sw

Head of UI / UX Design
Senior UX Architect
Usability Engineer (IHK), CPUX-F

MaTh cMaTh sw

Project Manager
 Senior UI / UX Designer
UX Manager (IHK), Usability Medical Technology

OS cOS sw

Project Manager
UI / UX Designer
UX Design Specialist (XDi), CPUX-F, Scrum Master

EB cEB sw

UI / UX Designer
Usability Professional (UA)

DO cDO sw

Junior UI / UX Designer, CPUX-F

BB cBB sw

Junior UI / UX Designer

LH cLH sw

Junior UI / UX Designer

LD cLD sw

Junior UI / UX Designer – Freelance

An interdisciplinary team for your projects

We offer an interdisciplinary team of user interface and design experts with additional permanent free partners.

Our team is made up of employees from different departments who work together in agile development to achieve a high level of usability: We bring media designers, communication designers, product designers and business information scientists into one team and take a holistic approach to interface development.

We have numerous additional qualifications such as Usability Engineer (IHK), User Experience Manager (IHK), Usability Expert, UX Design Specialist, CPUX-F ((UXQB® – Foundation Level), Usability in Medical Technology and Scrum Master.


IHK Köln

Usability Engineer
User Experience Manager

Usability Academy

Usability Expert


CPUX-F Foundation Level

HAUFE. Akademie

Project management

Agile Development

Scrum Master

Our philosophy

Products are becoming more diverse – this requires a corresponding adaptation and design of control points and information-bearing surfaces. The successful and positive interaction between man and machine, or man and product, is becoming increasingly important. Often technically high-quality products are not sufficient to bind the customer. Nowdays, the user experience is important and decisive for buyers.

The ease of work and the joy of working are decisive factors when buying. After all, due to the habits with smartphones, many users have high expectations of other system inputs of machines and plants with regard to the usability and readability of digital display devices.

We design intuitive, contemporary interfaces in agile development processes. We know that good product quality unfolds in daily use. Here, only a self-explanatory and aesthetically designed interface design is convincing. And that includes

in our view, much more than just GUI (Graphic User Interface Design) and the design of icons and pictograms. Rather, it encompasses the entire interaction processes, the structuring and optimization of the menu navigation and the visual as well as acoustic and haptic feedback situation. For us, industrial design and product success on the market are inseparable from excellent user guidance of a coherent interface design.

We know our tools

Our agile development tools for the human-centered design development process consist of classic know-how on user tests, user surveys and content evaluation. We often implement prototypical designs and click prototypes with Axure. Screen designs are developed using the tools of Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch. We create animations with Principle or After Effects.

Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe InDesign



Axure RP