Our UI/UX development in detail

We are the specialists for the development of hardware and software-based user interfaces for digital and analog products – from the idea to the series production. Our core areas are Industry, Medical, Automotive, Enterprise and Consumer. Whether for embedded, desktop, mobile, web, membrane switches or product graphics.
Design Management


Design Mockup


Design Testing


Screen Design


We supplement our services with the service modules user interface design, usability consulting, user experience, usability engineering, usability engineering for medical devices, usability testing, click dummies, screen design, icon design, animation concepts, style guides as well as augmented reality prototypes, product graphics and corporate design.
Design Services

UX Check & Concept

Your project is analyzed in detail by our experts.

In the concept phase, we develop user groups, describe the usage context and consider the current state. In the further course we create user stories and bring them into typical user scenarios in order to derive and document requirements for a product. These serve as the basis for flowcharts, which record operating procedures for specific user groups in use cases.
Design Services:
+ Usability check
+ User groups & usage context
+ User Requirements
+ Use scenarios and flowcharts

Mockup & Prototyping

We create mock-ups to present the resulting use cases in a simplified graphical form. This helps the viewer to understand a developed operating concept and to make it tangible, as first operating sequences can be illustrated. In a click dummy interaction sequences become comprehensible. MockUps do not contain designed elements. Icons, texts and shapes serve as placeholders for the later design.
Design Services:
+ Wire Frames und Mockups
+ Low and High Fidelity Prototypes
+ Clickdummies
Design Services
Design Services

Validation & Testing

The resulting click dummies are checked in a usability test with application specialists. We take care of the complete organization of the testing, setting up questionnaires, implementation and evaluation. Subsequently, recommendations for action are jointly agreed upon. This saves development loops in the later process.
Design Services:
+ Organization, implementation and evaluation of testing
+ Field tests, eye tracking, online tests, and much more
+ Concept optimizations

Screen & Icon Design

Only when a mockup has passed the test without any errors do we start working on initial screen and icon design concepts to define the design style of the future. Here we orientate ourselves on corporate design guidelines, trends and technologies of the future and create a significant part of the future user experience. Because the real added value of a good user concept is the perfect design. At the end of the project, the created designs are compiled in a style guide with dimensions and exact specifications for colors, fonts and font sizes.  An animation concept is created that contains the interaction sequences. Additionally, product interactions can be created in animated renderings.
Design Services:
+ Screen design / visual design
+ Icon design
+ Animations and interaction concepts
+ Product animations and 3D renderings
+ Style guide
+ Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences
Design Services
Design Services

Project Management

Especially in UI projects we can support you agilely on the basis of the Scrum method and accompany your projects in close sprints and regular coordination to achieve usable results in the shortest possible time. The classic project management methods are also a matter of course for us. We develop interfaces with you according to the usability engineering process according to DIN ISO 9241-210.
Design Services:
+ Classical project management
+ Agile methods, Scrum
+ Usability Engineering
NEW: BUSSE AR Experience - App Development with Augmented Reality

Using State of the Art Technologies for new Experiences.

Due to our 60 years of experience in product development and our in-house interdisciplinary teams, our strength lies in the consideration of the entire user requirements as well as the technology for an interaction concept. We develop and design user interfaces according to the Human Centered Design Process, but also take into account hardware-related ergonomic guidelines and the appearance of your company. This enables us to design all interfaces of a product such as buttons, switches and touch and gripping areas.
In this way, our interface designers and usability experts develop thoughtful user interfaces that combine creative design, intuitive user guidance, and trendsetting technology. By working closely with your application experts, we aim to improve the everyday life of the end user by accelerating the interaction time on the one hand, and to consciously create a positive application experience on the other hand. The positive experience is always the focus for us.
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