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Through human-centered product development according to the Human Centered Design Process, costs during development for design and development can be reduced. After the market launch, support teams and service are relieved through self-explanatory products. By using usability methods, users can work more productively, fewer errors occur and they are significantly more satisfied. The good user experience is always the focus of our joint development phase.

UX720° – User Interfaces & UX Design thought ahead

The term user interface is used by many to refer only to the graphical user interface of software. Instead of this restrictive definition, we at BUSSE see the user interface in its original sense – i.e. much more than just software and touch screens. By taking a holistic view of all relevant touch points, all elements are categorized according to their functions: Manipulation, display and sustentation. This is the only way to ensure that the best possible user interface elements are selected to meet all the requirements of production, device environment and user ergonomics. With UX720° the user interface is therefore not viewed in a vacuum. Instead, the device to be developed and the application scenarios are first analyzed holistically and only then, in a second round based on the analysis, are implemented in the perfectly tuned interface. In this way, we ensure that all touch points are seamlessly integrated into the device and that the overall impression of the device is as if it were a single entity, in order to get the maximum out of hardware and software.

Usability Engineering for Medical Devices

The human-centered design process from DIN 9241 has been an integral part of our UI / UX design and usability methods for years. For good usability it is important that users can achieve their goals while using a product effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily. The user experience also considers the areas before and after use. Application errors can be avoided by good design. We are specialists in the development of standardized user interfaces according to the usability engineering process for medical devices. Please contact us directly: hallo-ux@busse-design.com
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