EMAG eldec

EMAG eldec
EMAG eldec ECO LINE EEi² - User Interface Design

User Interface Design:
As intuitive as a smartphone.

ClientEMAG eldec Induction GmbH

IndustryIndustrial induction heating equipment

CompletionOctober 2020

ServiceOperating concept, interaction concept, usability testing, visual design, icon design, style guide, animations, prototypes

EMAG eldec Induction GmbH has been able to renew its ECO LINE series of MF and HF generators for induction heating technology with a revised user interface. From the analysis of typical users and their tasks, the creation of a new menu structure, the development of a new intuitive operating concept and usability testing, to a clear and modern screen and icon design, as well as the creation of a style guide, we were able to apply our expertise to all core areas of an integrated UI / UX development.

With the new ECO LINE EEi² generator series the induction specialists at EMAG eldec are taking device operation to a new level. The focus of the devices is thus on operation, as the abbreviation „EEi²“ stands for „EMAG eldec Intuitive Interface“. This interface can be operated as easily as a smartphone – for example when the generator is used as a stand-alone solution. At the same time the series also serves as an energy source within many production systems. This is where the established Siemens control technology scores, which ensures easy connection to comprehensive Siemens control systems. What’s more, for greater production reliability, „eldec Quality Control“ (eQC) modules are being integrated into the proven ECO-LINE series for the first time.

The areas of application for induction heating are enormous: In principle, the process is used wherever materials and components are heated. Whether fast soldering processes on copper, aluminum and brass profiles (or similar materials), effective surface hardening of, for example, press tools and gears or precise heating of stator housings before joining the stator – the process always plays out its particular strengths: Only the desired area is heated to a precisely defined temperature.

The most striking feature of these further developments is, of course, a new touchscreen display that gives the series its name. It shows central parameters of the inductive process such as power, frequency, current, voltage and temperature with clearly arranged bars and percentage values. Everything can be seen at a glance. The user can access setting options and information via menu items on the side. For example, eight different timers with a running time of 0.1 to 9,999 seconds each and a memory for the management of up to 500 recipes are available. „We have deliberately oriented ourselves to the structure of smartphone apps, which everyone knows by now. Consequently, the operation of these generators is greatly simplified, which in turn benefits process reliability in the stand-alone process“, emphasizes Stefan Tzschupke, Head of Business Development Generators at EMAG eldec.

„All in all we have put together a particularly powerful and future-proof package with the ECO LINE EEi²“, summarizes Stefan Tzschupke. „Users benefit from high efficiency, stable processes, robust technology and simple usability. We are convinced that this quality will prevail in the market“.


Evamaria Plehn
Teamlead UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0


Rational Logo
Rational iCombi Pro
Rational iCombi Pro UI
Rational Icons
Rational iCombi Pro
Rational iCombi Line B
Rational iCombi Line A

Excitingly different.

ClientRational AG

IndustryLarge and industrial kitchen equipment

CompletionJune 2020

ServiceOperating concept, Interaction concept, Visual design, Icon design, Style guide, Animations, Product graphics, Product design, Model making, Prototypes

RATIONAL AG from Landsberg has been developing combi steamers and multifunctional kitchen appliances for over 40 years, making it the world market leader. From the development of the new generation of appliances came the iCombi Pro, iCombi Classic and iVario.

Thanks to the holistic UX720° approach, close cooperation with the BUSSE Industrial Design Team was maintained during the development of the devices in symbiosis. By using animated AR models, lifelike models could be quickly created and virtually evaluated.

The aim was to create a simple and intuitive operating concept supported by a visual design that corresponds to the RATIONAL brand and consciously distinguishes it from competitor products. At the same time, it was important to preserve the history in order to ensure a smooth changeover for existing users of the system, despite a completely new development of the HMI.

To give the series a new visual face, it was important to test different design directions. The very different concepts, from conventional to unusual, were presented to the RATIONAL board and project team and then evaluated. From this intensive design phase, design features from the different concepts were worked out and defined. These elements formed the basis for the further development of the user interface.

In an iterative process the main screens were then designed and presented and discussed at regular meetings. After the final presentation and approval of the board for the visual design, the transfer to the other screens from the user concept followed. All global design features were defined and described in a comprehensive style guide.

Special attention was paid to the icons during the visual redesign. For historical reasons, there were a large number of different and sometimes complex icons. BUSSE Experience was able to define a stylistic standardization and, in addition, an individual and illustrative design. In addition, familiar and learned icons, especially those used by end customers, were sensitively revised and transferred to the new icon world.

Detailed interaction sequences were defined for different situations in the operation, and wizard animations were created. Animated device renderings give the operators a visual aid to interact with the device in the best possible way.

The user interface designed in dark mode gives the RATIONAL brand with the iCombi Pro and iVario a high-quality appearance with recognition value. In line with the holistic product development approach of BUSSE Design+Engineering, the design language of the device design was also taken up in the user interface. For example, the shape of the control panel and the glass panel is reflected in the main screen. The structured and self-explanatory user interface is characterised by clearly defined interaction elements with an individual and country-independent icon language.

In the course of the UI development, the interface for the iCombi Classic was also redesigned based on the iCombi Pro. While the former standard device still had a 7-segment display, the iCombi Classic now features a much larger 4.3 inch TFT display with 6 function keys. To ensure consistent operation across the devices, the new icons from the icon world of the iCombi Pro have been transferred to the hardware features of the iCombi Classic.


Oliver Skrabl
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



New color concept

ClientHaas Schleifmaschinen GmbH

IndustryGrinding Technology


ServiceColor concept

We congratulate our customer Haas Schleifmaschinen on its successful trade show presentation of the simulation software Multigrind® Styx at the EMO 2019 in Hannover. We were able to successfully support him with the coloring of the 3D representations.

The „Multigrind® Styx“ is a simulation software in addition to the current „Multigrind® Horizon“ user interface of Haas grinding machines. The software enables corrections to be made to the setting parameters in a preview with regard to the machining processes. It displays the final grinding result virtually, allowing the operator to detect and correct errors before starting the grinding operations.

The special feature of the 3D implementation is that the individual processing steps have been implemented in a colour concept matching the corporate design, which makes the workpieces and the software appear very modern and harmonious, which is a perfect match for software with this degree of innovation.

The colours show in contrast all surfaces to be processed for the evaluation of the grinding result. The colours correlate with selected processing steps, i.e. they are coded. By selecting individual surfaces or elements, corrections can be made.



Evamaria Plehn
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



Quotate, book & track orders

ClientRöhlig Logistics GmbH & Co. KG


CompletionJuly 2019

ServiceBenchmark analysis, user acquisition & analysis, definition of user requirements, customer journey maps, operating concept, screen design, icon design, style guide, mockups & click dummies, data transfer

Do you need to send goods urgently and spontaneously? Do you need an offer within seconds on a Sunday? Then in the future, the user-friendly quote and booking app, for which BUSSE was significantly involved in the UI and UX development, can be used on a desktop or mobile device. Offers for air freight and LCL business are now available: super fast, super simple and in seconds.

At Röhlig, freight quoting and booking was previously only possible by analogue means. You had to contact your responsible contact person at Röhlig, communicate your plans and wait for an offer to send your freight. This offer could then be booked by phone or e-mail and the freight was sent. But now Röhlig is driving innovation in the logistics industry: the newly launched online portal can be used by employees of a company not involved in logistics as well as by a logistics professional.

BUSSE Experience Design was allowed to participate in this exciting project, which started without any existing digital platform, from the very beginning.

Röhlig’s goals were very clear: an innovative, individual and digital tool for users who had previously only travelled in analogue mode, in which the quotation, booking and tracking of freight is as simple as possible.

So we carried out a detailed benchmark analysis in the initial phase. Several logistics portals were examined for weak points and good solutions in the operating process and these results were combined with the needs of ordinary employees who want to ship goods from A to B and those of trained logistics experts in large corporations. The process steps involved in sending freight by sea and air were analysed and transferred to digital operating steps. From this, user requirements for the new portal were derived and compiled in a first rough operating concept.

Customer interviews served as a further basis for the user requirements, from which various user groups and user stories were derived. In a user journey map, the tasks and possible emotions of the user groups at specific touch points were determined and from this, potential for improvement was identified.

Since Röhlig had previously only offered a purely manual offer and booking system, we compiled the entire digital customer journey in a user/screen flow diagram: at what points does a potential user of the digital platform come into contact with the site, what happens when he registers, which channels are used to contact the customer, when does which e-mail have to be triggered and how is the user linked back to the portal site once his offer has been created and can be booked.

The created mockups were combined in a simple click dummy for a smartphone to make the interaction on a mobile device more comprehensible and to derive improvements.

Link to Röhlig Website


Evamaria Plehn
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



Be unic.

ClientBUSSE Design+Engineering

IndustryPet Accessories

CompletionJuly 2019

ServiceLogo, Website, Marketing

Completely developed in-house, in cooperation between engineers, designers, administration and production, BUSSE succeeded in bringing a new in-house product onto the market. The logo, web presence and marketing strategy for unic were developed in the user experience department. 


To create a dog crate that is so light that it can be easily lifted out of the boot and thus also used in the dog area, offers a space-saving innovative rolling door and above all can be adapted to the various types of dogs and vehicles – that was the task for unic dog crates as the latest BUSSE own product. This box also stands out from conventional aluminium dog boxes by its appearance alone.

unic – the name alone sums up our goal: uniqueness! The unic rolling door (patent pending) is a completely new feature of dog boxes. This enables easy opening and closing of the dog box, is lockable and no bulky door protrudes from the vehicle. The emergency exit on the back of the box allows you to reach and care for your dog quickly during long journeys, in traffic jams or in an emergency. Due to the low weight of maximum 15 kg of our largest box, unic can be used individually: whether in the vehicle trunk, at home, at the dog training area, in the office or in the hotel.

unic is available in three standard sizes and 5 colours. Alternatively, you can configure your personal dog box online from 85 further size variants. You can determine the height, width and depth of your unic dog box yourself based on the size of your dog and boot. This makes unic a very individual product that is not only practical and safe, but also meets your visual requirements. The coloured tarpaulin material can be easily cleaned by wiping it out.

BUSSE Experience Design was mainly concerned with logo development, webshop creation, exhibition stand, product photography and social media management.


Daniel Otto
Junior UI / UX Designer
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



Visual Design for APT-COM 4


IndustrySimulation chambers for laboratories

CompletionJuly 2019

ServiceInterface Design, Color branding, Layout, Typography

The family-owned company BINDER specializes in the manufacture of various simulation chambers, such as heating chambers, growth chambers and cooling incubators. As the world market leader, the Tuttlingen-based company supplies scientific and industrial laboratories worldwide.


With the APT-COM 4 software, BINDER has launched a multi-management software on the market, with which up to 100 simulation chambers can be centrally monitored and managed.

After the internal development of the screen content for the enterprise software, the design skills of the UI/UX design team from BUSSE Design+Engineering were called in to give the newly created user interface a visual polish in terms of color design, layout and typography. In this context, various drafts were created, a direction was defined together with BINDER and rolled out to the overall system.

The focus during the visual revision of the screens was on the central view of the devices and their measured values. This information had to be visually prepared and brought into a uniform order. The operator should be able to find and evaluate the contents quickly. In terms of the corporate design, the colour scheme was based on different shades of grey. In the login screen, the red controller triangle familiar to BINDER was used to create a link between the device design and the software.

The appearance of the graphs was modified and differentiated in color for the graphic display of the various measured values, and optionally marked with warnings and notes. Especially when combining several measured values, it was important that they were clearly separated from each other.

We are pleased that BINDER is successful on the market with the Multi Management Software APT-COM 4 and that we were able to provide support in the final phase of development.


Evamaria Plehn
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



Tram im charakteristischen SWU Design

ClientSWU Verkehr GmbH

IndustryPublic transport

CompletionApril 2018

ServiceProduct graphics

A design specially tailored to Ulm makes the new trams in Ulm appear in the right light. The product graphics with dynamic front and rear design, created by BUSSE, give the tram its characteristic look.


Evamaria Plehn
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



New UI for machine control

ClientREHM Thermal Systems GmbH

IndustryElectronics & photovoltaic

CompletionJuly 2018

ServiceOperating concept, Screen design, Icons, Style guide

The fundamental revision of software also depends on the design of the user interface, the user interface design. BUSSE solved this task in a team with the programming experts from artiso for Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH.

The customer, based in Blaubeuren near Ulm, manufactures production equipment for the electronics and photovoltaic industry, such as soldering systems, drying and coating systems. Rehm supplies the automotive industry as well as companies in medical technology, aerospace, power electronics and military technology. At its headquarters and production site in Blaubeuren, the company coordinates 26 agencies in 24 countries worldwide.

For the new generation of reflow convection soldering systems (VICON VisionX series), Rehm had the software comprehensively updated, including a new graphical user interface including touch screen, which is used to control the machines in the production of printed circuit boards. Numerous production steps and specifications have to be taken into account. A clear structure and prioritization in the design of input and output values for machine monitoring is of paramount importance. 

A style guide was created to accompany the interface, which specifies the colour scheme, fonts, font sizes and dimensions on the screen. Thus it is possible to transfer the interface to other screens.

During the cooperation with our client artiso solutions GmbH we worked in agile processes according to Scrum, which avoid unnecessary development loops in the software development. artiso was responsible for the software development and the operating logic.

With this contract, BUSSE Experience Design has once again proven how important a well-designed user interface design is for a competitive and sustainable product and interface design.


Evamaria Plehn
Projektmanager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



Dental CNC milling machine PM7

ClientIvoclar Vivadent


CompletionJuly 2018

ServiceInterface design, Operation concept, Prototyping, Screen design, Icon design, Animations/Wizard

Ivoclar Vivadent AG, headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein, commissioned BUSSE Design+Engineering with the development of the operating concept as well as the housing development, industrial design and prototype construction.

In an agile development process, the BUSSE project team worked with users in workshops to analyze the current status of the series and identify individual needs and requirements. Then, in an intensive concept phase, scenarios and use cases were developed on the basis of the persona and the usage context to create a simple menu structure and thus an easily understandable user concept. In the further process the concept was refined, tested and visualized in wireframes and first mockups. During the development of the operating concept, particular attention was paid to the organisation of the jobs to be milled, the changing of material discs and the exchange of tools or tool magazines.

After the concept phase, BUSSE Design+Engineering developed various design directions for the visual appearance. This also included the development of an individual icon set and animation displays. Short animations were created to provide visual support for certain operating sequences. For example, an animation guides the operator through the tool change process.


Oliver Skrabl
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



Analyze MyWorkpiece

ClientSiemens AG

IndustryProcess Industries & Drives

CompletionDecember 2017

ServiceOperating concept, Screen design, Icon design

Analyze MyWorkpiece is a PC desktop application. It allows the finished geometry from the CAD system, the NC program and the recording of the tool path after machining to be displayed and compared in three dimensions simultaneously. It uses filters and color assignments to visually highlight potentially problematic areas. The tool thus provides comprehensive support for the user. The entire operating concept, as well as the screen and icon design, were developed by BUSSE.


At Siemens, the communication and processing of data can take place on three different levels and platforms: In Cloud (MindSphere), In Line (Sinumerik Integrate) and In Machine (Sinumerik + Sinumerik Edge). The associated comprehensive offering with integrated hardware and software portfolio is marketed as CNC shop floor management software and extends across all three levels.

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath is a PC desktop application which, together with planned expansion stages, is to be assigned to the ‚In Machine‘ level. It allows the finished geometry from the CAD system, the NC program and the recording of the tool path after machining to be displayed and compared in three dimensions at the same time. Filters and color assignments visually highlight potentially problematic areas. The tool thus provides comprehensive support to the user – both before machining, when it is necessary to uncover optimization potential in the NC program, and after machining, when troubleshooting errors occur if insufficient surface quality has been produced.



UJET Electric Scooter



CompletionOctober 2017

ServiceUser Interface Design

On 3 October 2017, BUSSE Design+Engineering took part in the first public presentation of the UJET Scooter and the ceremonial opening of the production site in Foetz, Luxembourg.

From the very first idea, the BUSSE team was the partner and incubator of this new product idea and was able to develop not only the initial product design and user interface design, but also the mechanical concepts of the many innovations, including the folding mechanism, hubless rim, electric motor and lightweight frame.

In the course of the project, countless functional assemblies and fully functional prototypes were realized in BUSSE’s prototype department until the first successful single road approval.

Now the team of UJET Vehicles has implemented these innovative product ideas into series production!




Icon redesign for the VF Series

ClientAlbert Handtmann Holding GmbH & Co. KG

IndustryFilling & portioning systems

CompletionOctober 2019

ServiceIcon design

BUSSE Design+Engineering supported Handtmann in redesigning the icons for the VF series. After the conception phase, and selection of a design direction, the roll-out followed on over 850 individual icons in 8-bit bitmap format.

Handtmann is the world market leader for vacuum fillers and portioning systems, a machine platform that is used in the meat industry, dairies and in the production of other foodstuffs.

As the operating concept and existing visual design remained unaffected by the revision, the initial situation was as follows: For the operation of the HMI of the VF user interface there are about 850 specific icons. The aim of the icon creation was to visually standardize the icons with a transition to a new design style.

At the beginning of the project, various icon concepts were developed and presented to Handtmann. The requirements of the hardware and the programming were already considered. It was therefore important, for example, that the icons were clearly visible on different backgrounds and could be output as BMP files with 8-bit.

After selecting and deepening a design concept, about 50 icons were designed and, as so-called icon building blocks, formed the basis for all other icons in the software. Characteristic features were defined and frequently occurring elements such as sausage symbols, bowls, machine displays, arrows and texts were specified. After these icon blocks were adopted, the roll-out to all remaining icons followed. In order to maintain an overview with this large amount of data, the icons were divided into smaller work packages, edited and coordinated together with Handtmann.

Creating icons for the VF series on this scale was an exciting task for BUSSE Design+Engineering. We are pleased that the icons could be successfully implemented in the software of the VF Series and were presented to the visitors of this year’s IFFA, the leading trade fair for the meat industry, as part of Handtmann’s trade fair presentation.


Oliver Skrabl
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



User interface design for Streumaster

ClientStreumaster Maschinenbau GmbH

IndustrySpreading machinery

CompletionApril 2017

ServiceScreen design, Icon design

At the end of February, Streumaster Maschinenbau GmbH presented the redesigned interface design of its spreaders at the Sima in Paris. Together with BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH the existing user interface design and icons were revised.

Streumaster Maschinenbau GmbH has been manufacturing first-class spreaders for the agricultural and construction industries since 1967. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of binding agent spreaders.

The spreaders are based on an ISOBUS control system, which enables the user to control agricultural attachments of any kind, even those from different manufacturers. Together with Streumaster, BUSSE has redesigned the user interface. The existing operating concept was retained. The different types of spreaders are highlighted by the presentation using detailed renderings. Direct visualization of the sub-functions ensures that the user is transparently informed about the status of the machine during operation.  The existing image contents were replaced by newly designed icons and support a clear and safe operation.

An ISOBUS control system, a standard for machines in the agricultural sector, works with web-safe colors, which is why the user interface design refers to a color palette that only includes 216 colors. This means that, for example, gradients cannot be displayed correctly, as more colour gradations should be available. For this reason, Streumaster and BUSSE have placed a lot of emphasis on the 3D representations of the spreader types as well as icons, in order to avoid visual disadvantages despite the small colour range.


Oliver Skrabl
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0



Operating concept for the PistenBully

ClientKässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

IndustrySnow groomers

CompletionJune 2017

ServiceOperating concept, Graphic design, Icons

Technically sophisticated products, such as the snow groomers of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, require simple and intuitive operation. This allows the driver to turn and navigate precisely in the terrain and supports safe mobility on the slope.

Many new operating elements in the PistenBully are convincing thanks to user-friendly input methods. These include the ergonomic double-joint joystick, which can be moved freely in all directions and transmits hand movements directly to the control unit, and the new iTerminal including dashboard.

In collaboration with BUSSE Design+Engineering, a new operating concept has been developed which is now within the user’s grasp in the iTerminal. The patented terminal consists of a touch-based 10-inch display, which allows quick access to the most important vehicle functions. Special attention was paid to the fact that the information display and the interaction between man and machine support the reading flow and are self-explanatory. 

Active vehicle parts are also visually highlighted in colour. In comparison to the competition in the industry, this part is to be particularly emphasized, as the new operating concept from Kässbohrer is particularly supportive in demanding driving and weather situations.

To date, the new operating concept has undergone several stages of development and has been successfully put through its paces in several test vehicles in the field. We are delighted about the convincingly successful start of series production in the new PistenBully 100 4F and are looking forward to its gradual implementation in all future vehicles.



Leitwolf control system

ClientPrinoth AG

IndustrySnow groomer

CompletionMay 2012

ServiceOperating concept, Screen design, Icon design

A non-touch-based application that is controlled purely via hardware buttons in the vehicle. Clear coding of the functional areas helps to structure the cockpit area with clear vehicle information and self-explanatory icons. A clear highlighting of the navigation levels allows the user to immediately recognize where he is. BUSSE was involved in the operating concept and the design of the screens and icons.


The more sophisticated the technology, the more important is the interface between man and machine. For the „Leitwolf“ snow groomer from the South Tyrolean company Prinoth, BUSSE has designed an interface that significantly improves operation and menu navigation for drivers, customer mechanics and service staff.

With the „Leitwolf“, Prinoth is setting standards in the snow groomer market: The model is considered the most economical vehicle in its class worldwide and is uncompromisingly environmentally friendly. Another feature is the modern display technology with a completely redesigned screen display as well as easier operation and menu navigation. Everything meets the requirements of both the US market and European customers. Prinoth entrusted the design of the display and menu navigation to the experts at BUSSE, while TTControl Srl – TTTech Computertechnik AG was responsible for the technical programming content.

The display was to be redesigned primarily to make operation and navigation easier and more efficient for the snow groomer driver; at the same time, it was to match the appearance of the vehicle. A sure instinct for design was required for this very sensitive task, as the operator must have a quick and complete overview of all characteristic values, functions and processes of the snow groomer at all times. It was therefore essential to take into account the routine operations familiar to the many users of other Prinoth snow groomers.

In addition to the layouts of the various types of menu, BUSSE redrew or improved hundreds of icons during this interdisciplinary project.




talento smart - Time switches

ClientGrässlin GmbH

IndustryTime switch technology

CompletionSeptember 2017

ServiceOperating concept

Our customer GRÄSSLIN has launched the new talento smart product range as a „highlight among the digital distribution timers“. BUSSE Design+Engineering supported GRÄSSLIN in the areas of industrial design and user interface design. This laid the foundation for a new, evolutionary appearance of the brand and its product families, based on the existing products. The interaction was also brought into a new age.

Programming a timer on the construction site often presents a number of challenges: it must be fast, operation should be intuitive, installers should only have as many functions available in the menu as necessary.

The talento smart combines all these requirements. The time switches can be conveniently pre-programmed via a Bluetooth interface using a PC or smartphone. If neither is available, programming can also be carried out in advance on the device.

A close look at the typical user groups has shown that 2 different modes ensure that different user types can master everyday installation work. In the standard mode, the most frequent requirements are covered by the factory, in the advanced mode all programming possibilities are open, cycle, pulse or random programs can be freely combined with each other. The restructuring of the menu has added new functions such as the wildcard and program creation with and without date. Recurring, date-related events can be set for an indefinite period of time. Individual programs can also be duplicated in the future.

The new, innovative dot-matrix display ensures that display contents can be shown without restrictions by text length or language. Icons can be shown and hidden as required. Operation via the soft-touch control buttons is intuitive and consistent thanks to the contents shown on the display. The left-hand buttons are used to navigate the menu, the right-hand buttons are assigned to editing and programming.

Together with Grässlin, we have succeeded in laying the foundation for an innovative and modern product. The resulting design and operating elements can be transferred to other products in order to bring a uniform product portfolio on the track.


Evamaria Plehn
Projektmanager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0

Höft & Wessel


Intuitive ticket machine

ClientHöft & Wessel


CompletionMay 2014

ServiceMenu structuring, Graphic design, Animation concept, Style guide, Field test

Complete development of a new ticket vending machine system for local transport. Five different search masks offer the individual requirements of the different user groups different ways to enter the user interface in order to purchase a ticket as quickly as possible.


Public transport ticket machines all too often leave people helpless and desperate. The service is too confusing, too many steps to the desired ticket. Höft & Wessel as the manufacturer of such devices therefore wanted to make the impossible possible: The complete development of a new ticket vending machine system for local public transport tickets, which young and old people can use just as easily as tourists, occasional and frequent travellers. In addition, the front and back end of the software should be as easy as possible to adapt to the individual requirements and the appearance of a transport company. Synapticon was chosen as one of the partners for the development and realisation of this project in teamwork, and the specialists from BUSSE were brought in to support the user interface implementation.

Usable, but not user-friendly – that was the verdict on the previous devices. Faster and easier to reach the goal for every user was the target for the new system. Höft & Wessel, Synapticon and BUSSE always had all user groups in mind when developing the menu structure, user interface design and animation concept of the new machine. The software specialists from Synapticon were responsible for the technical implementation.

The developed system is widget-based. Five different search masks (single-field search mask, start-destination search, POI, map, tickets) offer the individual requirements of the different users (professional, occasional user, youngster, pensioner and tourist) different ways to enter the user interface to purchase a ticket. 

In the final practical test in a field test studio, 50 test persons from all user groups gave the new ticket vending machine a very positive assessment. They found the novel design a surprise. The older test subjects also praised the simple operation.


Evamaria Plehn
Projektmanager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0