talento smart - Time switches

ClientGrässlin GmbH

IndustryTime switch technology

CompletionSeptember 2017

ServiceOperating concept

Our customer GRÄSSLIN has launched the new talento smart product range as a „highlight among the digital distribution timers“. BUSSE Design+Engineering supported GRÄSSLIN in the areas of industrial design and user interface design. This laid the foundation for a new, evolutionary appearance of the brand and its product families, based on the existing products. The interaction was also brought into a new age.

Programming a timer on the construction site often presents a number of challenges: it must be fast, operation should be intuitive, installers should only have as many functions available in the menu as necessary.

The talento smart combines all these requirements. The time switches can be conveniently pre-programmed via a Bluetooth interface using a PC or smartphone. If neither is available, programming can also be carried out in advance on the device.

A close look at the typical user groups has shown that 2 different modes ensure that different user types can master everyday installation work. In the standard mode, the most frequent requirements are covered by the factory, in the advanced mode all programming possibilities are open, cycle, pulse or random programs can be freely combined with each other. The restructuring of the menu has added new functions such as the wildcard and program creation with and without date. Recurring, date-related events can be set for an indefinite period of time. Individual programs can also be duplicated in the future.

The new, innovative dot-matrix display ensures that display contents can be shown without restrictions by text length or language. Icons can be shown and hidden as required. Operation via the soft-touch control buttons is intuitive and consistent thanks to the contents shown on the display. The left-hand buttons are used to navigate the menu, the right-hand buttons are assigned to editing and programming.

Together with Grässlin, we have succeeded in laying the foundation for an innovative and modern product. The resulting design and operating elements can be transferred to other products in order to bring a uniform product portfolio on the track.


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