Leitwolf control system

ClientPrinoth AG

IndustrySnow groomer

CompletionMay 2012

ServiceOperating concept, Screen design, Icon design

A non-touch-based application that is controlled purely via hardware buttons in the vehicle. Clear coding of the functional areas helps to structure the cockpit area with clear vehicle information and self-explanatory icons. A clear highlighting of the navigation levels allows the user to immediately recognize where he is. BUSSE was involved in the operating concept and the design of the screens and icons.


The more sophisticated the technology, the more important is the interface between man and machine. For the „Leitwolf“ snow groomer from the South Tyrolean company Prinoth, BUSSE has designed an interface that significantly improves operation and menu navigation for drivers, customer mechanics and service staff.

With the „Leitwolf“, Prinoth is setting standards in the snow groomer market: The model is considered the most economical vehicle in its class worldwide and is uncompromisingly environmentally friendly. Another feature is the modern display technology with a completely redesigned screen display as well as easier operation and menu navigation. Everything meets the requirements of both the US market and European customers. Prinoth entrusted the design of the display and menu navigation to the experts at BUSSE, while TTControl Srl – TTTech Computertechnik AG was responsible for the technical programming content.

The display was to be redesigned primarily to make operation and navigation easier and more efficient for the snow groomer driver; at the same time, it was to match the appearance of the vehicle. A sure instinct for design was required for this very sensitive task, as the operator must have a quick and complete overview of all characteristic values, functions and processes of the snow groomer at all times. It was therefore essential to take into account the routine operations familiar to the many users of other Prinoth snow groomers.

In addition to the layouts of the various types of menu, BUSSE redrew or improved hundreds of icons during this interdisciplinary project.