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ClientRöhlig Logistics GmbH & Co. KG


CompletionJuly 2019

ServiceBenchmark analysis, user acquisition & analysis, definition of user requirements, customer journey maps, operating concept, screen design, icon design, style guide, mockups & click dummies, data transfer

Do you need to send goods urgently and spontaneously? Do you need an offer within seconds on a Sunday? Then in the future, the user-friendly quote and booking app, for which BUSSE was significantly involved in the UI and UX development, can be used on a desktop or mobile device. Offers for air freight and LCL business are now available: super fast, super simple and in seconds.

At Röhlig, freight quoting and booking was previously only possible by analogue means. You had to contact your responsible contact person at Röhlig, communicate your plans and wait for an offer to send your freight. This offer could then be booked by phone or e-mail and the freight was sent. But now Röhlig is driving innovation in the logistics industry: the newly launched online portal can be used by employees of a company not involved in logistics as well as by a logistics professional.

BUSSE Experience Design was allowed to participate in this exciting project, which started without any existing digital platform, from the very beginning.

Röhlig’s goals were very clear: an innovative, individual and digital tool for users who had previously only travelled in analogue mode, in which the quotation, booking and tracking of freight is as simple as possible.

So we carried out a detailed benchmark analysis in the initial phase. Several logistics portals were examined for weak points and good solutions in the operating process and these results were combined with the needs of ordinary employees who want to ship goods from A to B and those of trained logistics experts in large corporations. The process steps involved in sending freight by sea and air were analysed and transferred to digital operating steps. From this, user requirements for the new portal were derived and compiled in a first rough operating concept.

Customer interviews served as a further basis for the user requirements, from which various user groups and user stories were derived. In a user journey map, the tasks and possible emotions of the user groups at specific touch points were determined and from this, potential for improvement was identified.

Since Röhlig had previously only offered a purely manual offer and booking system, we compiled the entire digital customer journey in a user/screen flow diagram: at what points does a potential user of the digital platform come into contact with the site, what happens when he registers, which channels are used to contact the customer, when does which e-mail have to be triggered and how is the user linked back to the portal site once his offer has been created and can be booked.

The created mockups were combined in a simple click dummy for a smartphone to make the interaction on a mobile device more comprehensible and to derive improvements.

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Evamaria Plehn
Project manager UI / UX
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