Dental CNC milling machine PM7

ClientIvoclar Vivadent


CompletionJuly 2018

ServiceInterface design, Operation concept, Prototyping, Screen design, Icon design, Animations/Wizard

Ivoclar Vivadent AG, headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein, commissioned BUSSE Design+Engineering with the development of the operating concept as well as the housing development, industrial design and prototype construction.

In an agile development process, the BUSSE project team worked with users in workshops to analyze the current status of the series and identify individual needs and requirements. Then, in an intensive concept phase, scenarios and use cases were developed on the basis of the persona and the usage context to create a simple menu structure and thus an easily understandable user concept. In the further process the concept was refined, tested and visualized in wireframes and first mockups. During the development of the operating concept, particular attention was paid to the organisation of the jobs to be milled, the changing of material discs and the exchange of tools or tool magazines.

After the concept phase, BUSSE Design+Engineering developed various design directions for the visual appearance. This also included the development of an individual icon set and animation displays. Short animations were created to provide visual support for certain operating sequences. For example, an animation guides the operator through the tool change process.


Oliver Skrabl
Project manager UI / UX
+49 (0) 7308 811 499 0