Operating concept for the PistenBully

ClientKässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

IndustrySnow groomers

CompletionJune 2017

ServiceOperating concept, Graphic design, Icons

Technically sophisticated products, such as the snow groomers of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, require simple and intuitive operation. This allows the driver to turn and navigate precisely in the terrain and supports safe mobility on the slope.

Many new operating elements in the PistenBully are convincing thanks to user-friendly input methods. These include the ergonomic double-joint joystick, which can be moved freely in all directions and transmits hand movements directly to the control unit, and the new iTerminal including dashboard.

In collaboration with BUSSE Design+Engineering, a new operating concept has been developed which is now within the user’s grasp in the iTerminal. The patented terminal consists of a touch-based 10-inch display, which allows quick access to the most important vehicle functions. Special attention was paid to the fact that the information display and the interaction between man and machine support the reading flow and are self-explanatory. 

Active vehicle parts are also visually highlighted in colour. In comparison to the competition in the industry, this part is to be particularly emphasized, as the new operating concept from Kässbohrer is particularly supportive in demanding driving and weather situations.

To date, the new operating concept has undergone several stages of development and has been successfully put through its paces in several test vehicles in the field. We are delighted about the convincingly successful start of series production in the new PistenBully 100 4F and are looking forward to its gradual implementation in all future vehicles.